Birgitte Pearce Design

Since founding Birgitte Pearce Design, Birgitte has quickly gathered a list of loyal clients from New Jersey to California. Born in Denmark and raised in California, Birgitte draws from those places to bring a relaxed, clean aesthetic to her projects.

Whether working on a whole house renovation or updating a room, every project brings an acknowledgement that spaces are meant to be lived in. Birgitte’s approach includes getting to know her clients’ interests and facets, and incorporating those very personal touches into an integrated, flowing environment. Texture and clean lines conspire for the total feeling a space invokes.

Before settling in Montclair, NJ, Birgitte spent years working in the film business in Los Angeles as a costume designer and stylist. Her passion for design and redefining spaces also led her to study Landscape Architecture, and launch a successful landscape design practice in southern California.

Birgitte Pearce Design distills this breadth of visually-focused expertise into whole house renovations, interiors and exterior/landscape design.